School Based Research Projects - St Philip’s Christian College DALE

Not just ‘cherry-picking’ aspiration: Implementing CPS for students with special needs

DALE (Dynamic Alternative Learning Environment) and DALE Young Parents are a part of St Philip's Christian College, which provides an alternative education environment to students diagnosed with mental health disorders, and to young parents wanting to continue their education.

The SPCC DALE team aims to determine whether implementing the Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS) model across their five campuses’ learning environments will promote and improve engagement for students with mental health challenges – including social, emotional, and behavioural difficulties.

Research to date indicates that disengagement for this cohort of learners is disproportionately high. The research team will work with teachers to implement CPS and gather data on student engagement. The project’s larger goal is to verify the efficacy of the model with a view to its potential impact for all learners.

Bronwyn Thoroughgood
Principal, St Philip's Christian College DALE and DALE Young Parents

Bronwyn Thoroughgood is the Principal of St Philip's Christian College DALE and DALE Young Parents. She has 35 years of Special Education experience including numerous leadership roles in special education settings and mainstream schools. She has worked in the public education system, Catholic education system and most recently the Association of Independent Schools as a Special Education Consultant. It is Bronwyn’s goal to create a school that kids love coming to, where they feel valued and where they experience success.

Brant Maslen
Deputy Principal, St Philip's Christian College DALE and DALE Young Parents

Brant is is the Deputy Principal of St Philip's Christian College DALE and DALE Young Parents. He has worked across faith-based schools for over 30 years. He has held leadership responsibilities in student wellbeing, academic and executive roles in schools as well as wider systemic roles throughout his career. His experience has been across a range of school contexts including Special Education, Single Sex and Co-educational environments. He has been recognised at local and national levels for his services to Youth and presented at a number of educational conferences. Brant’s commitment to young people extends beyond his professional life to leadership with charitable organisations at local and international levels that have focuses on educational and other supports for young people and their families.

Hayley Adcock
Head of Mental Health & Wellbeing, St Philip’s Christian College DALE and DALE Young Parents

Hayley is a registered Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia and is a Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS). Hayley began her career in child protection before moving into family therapy, school psychology and private practice, before becoming the Head of Mental Health & Wellbeing at St Philip’s Christian College DALE and DALE Young Parents. Hayley has extensive knowledge and experience in working with children, adolescents and their families. Her educational psychologist background lends itself to expertise in areas of child and adolescent development, learning, attention, autism and behaviour disorders, as well as mental health issues facing children and their families.

Salina Mayall
Head of Campus, St Philip’s Christian College DALE, Gosford

Salina is the Head of Campus at St Philip’s Christian College DALE, Gosford. Salina has been teaching for seven years in both mainstream and special needs settings. Her passion lies in teaching students with diverse learning needs, and to further her understanding of students she completed a Masters in Special Education specialising in emotional disturbances and behaviour problems. Salina has extensive knowledge and experience in teaching students with special needs including social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, mental health disorders, autism, and learning difficulties.

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