Whole-School Wellbeing

Drawing on the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework that identified goals to support student wellbeing, the Whole-school Wellbeing initiative aims to work collaboratively with schools to select evidence-based strategies and implement a whole-school vision and approach to wellbeing.

What are the outcomes?

What are the components?

Who is involved and what is the timeline for implementation?

All K-12 staff, including specialist and support staff can be involved. A Whole-school Wellbeing Team (team) is established to lead the implementation of the initiative. The team may consist of staff with various roles and responsibilities across the school.

Components are distributed over the school year with each component scaffolded to support the school’s progress, maintain momentum and build on prior learning with the aim to embed and sustain processes and practices.

Participation in the Whole-school Wellbeing initiative is based on a co-contribution model.

This project is partially funded by the Australian Government through the Choice and Affordability Fund.