How can AISNSW support me?

We are committed to ensuring that you develop:

  • confidence in your understanding of new syllabus documents 
  • competence in your ability to implement these documents

As the period of curriculum reform unfolds, AISNSW will be offering a wide range of opportunities for professional learning designed to meet the needs of school leaders, executive and teachers.

These will cover key areas such as:

  • Syllabus familiarisation
  • Planning and programming with the new syllabus documents
  • Digging deeper into syllabus components
  • Building teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge
  • Resource selection and use
  • Assessment and reporting
  • Planning for the change process
  • Leading and managing curriculum change
  • Compliance advice and support

Courses will be available in a variety of modes, including face-to-face, blended (including virtual), webinar and self-paced learning experiences.

We also welcome requests for the provision of bespoke consultancies suited to the needs of your school executive, leaders and teachers. Please contact Sue Pike, Project Lead: NSW Curriculum Reform, for assistance.

Curriculum Reform Courses

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Pathways through the Professional Learning Experiences: 

NSW English and Mathematics K-2 Syllabuses


I want to extend my knowledge of phonological awareness and phonics and how to teach early reading effectively. 

  • Mode: Face-to-face
  • Duration: Full day

Suggested professional learning

Reading Essentials K-2 will explain the importance of the five essential components of reading instruction, with a focus on phonological awareness and phonics in the early years. An overview of fluency, vocabulary and comprehension will also be provided.  

I want to know more about how to teach the foundation skills of writing effectively.

  • Mode: Blended learning
  • Duration: 5 hours

Writing Across the Curriculum K-6 will explore the foundational skills in writing starting from steps to develop writing skills in Kindergarten and how to build on these skills in later years to enable students to become confident writers. It will help you consider how to embed writing instruction across the curriculum.

I want to better understand ways of supporting my students to think and work mathematically in my Maths lessons. 

  • Mode: Face-to-face
  • Duration: Full day

Working Mathematically in K-6 will explore the components of Working Mathematically. Practical strategies for increasing opportunities for students to work mathematically will be discussed.

I want to understand how to support my students to develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and how to identify their misconceptions. 

  • Mode: Blended learning
  • Duration: 5 hours

Developing Conceptual Understanding in Maths K-6 will explore the essential concepts that primary students need to understand to build a solid foundation for success in Mathematics. Practical ways of re-conceptualising your scope and sequence will also be shared.

I want to learn how to place a greater emphasis on my students’ ability to reason to support a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.

  • Mode: Blended learning
  • Duration: 5 hours

Powerful Routines for the Maths Classroom K-6 will explore a range of powerful instructional routines that can be used to develop students’ mathematical thinking and their ability to reason mathematically. There will also be an opportunity for participants to observe them being demonstrated by practising teachers with their students in real classrooms.

I want to learn how to develop my students’ structural thinking skills to understand the way Maths concepts are organised and related and to provide the reasoning behind the solution to a problem

  • Mode: Face-to-face
  • Duration: Full day

Teaching Maths Through Inquiry K-6 will explore ways of supporting students to investigate and make connections between mathematical concepts, choose and apply problem solving skills and mathematical strategies, as well as develop skills in reasoning and communicating their thinking.

AISNSW Programs

Many of our current AISNSW programs will also be contextualised to view teaching and learning through the lens of curriculum reform as the process of reform unfolds.

These include: