Our Research Community & Evidence-Based Professional Learning

Engaging in and with research is an essential component of independent schooling, but research alone does not change practice. Educators recognise that effective implementation of research and evidence-based approaches can positively impact student outcomes and help to reduce the research to practice gap. The Evidence Institute supports Independent schools in this process through targeted initiatives and activities specifically designed to integrate high quality evidence based practices into authentic educational environments.

Grounding education in evidence-informed practice is an essential feature of assuring and enhancing educational excellence. Initiatives are informed by a variety of frameworks and research methodologies including Spiral of Inquiry, Action Research and Design Thinking. The Evidence Institute provides opportunities for Independent schools to undertake, access and utilise educational research.

Build Research Skills

Discover our range of courses to build your research skills. We offer professional learning in a range of formats including:
  - Self-paced online courses
  - Face-to-face courses
  - Webinars

Education Research Connections

Education Research Connections is NESA-accredited professional learning delivered via a series of guest presenters at the forefront of education research. The intention is to foster meaningful connections between Independent schools educators and universities.

Research Opportunities

The Evidence Institute facilitates collaboration between external researchers and Independent schools. If you are an external researcher seeking to involve Independent schools in your projects or an Independent school eager to engage with external research, we can support and guide you.

Access Research

The Evidence Institute undertakes and supports a range of research, independently, and through partnerships for mutual benefit, and the betterment of education. Commissioned research is undertaken with Independent schools and organisations including universities, government and industry.

Education Research Council

The AISNSW Education Research Council plays an important role in shaping the direction of The Evidence Institute. It is entrusted with the responsibility to explore and champion the research requirements specific to Independent schools in NSW.

School-Based Research

Engaging in school-based research offers significant benefits for schools in areas of professional learning and teacher capacity building. The Evidence Institute can support your school-based research initiatives or facilitate connections with university partners for collaborative projects.