AISNSW Teaching School Hubs Program

The AISNSW Teaching School Hubs program offers an alternative model of teacher training that provides Trainees (initial teacher education students) with an immersive school based experience enabling them to gain an understanding of what it means to be an educator in the independent sector.


To attract high quality, diverse Trainees from regional and metropolitan areas to the education profession. We collaborate with independent schools and affiliate universities to provide a range of nuanced experiences that increase confidence and ensure classroom ready teachers.

The provision of tailored professional learning and support enables the authentic application of learning for Trainees as they complete their teaching qualification. The meaningful experiences provided through this alternative pathway enhances the practice of Trainees, Mentor Teachers and other school staff, helping to grow and retain educators in the independent sector.



  • Employed a minimum of one day per week for a full year.
  • First-hand experience of a school’s unique culture and community.
  • Authentic engagement with the natural cycles and rhythms of the school.
  • Tailored professional learning.
  • Dedicated support from a Mentor Teacher.

Mentor Teacher

  • Targeted professional learning to support the mentoring role.
  • Enhanced engagement with professional practice.
  • Opportunity to explore Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher accreditation.

Hub School

  • Engage existing staff in a program to grow and enhance their own practice.
  • Be supported through ongoing professional learning.
  • Build enduring relationships and networks across the independent sector.
  • Contribute positively to raising the status of the education profession.

Hub Schools

Affiliate Universities

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This project is partially funded by the Australian Government through the Choice and Affordability Fund.