Attendance Planning and Support

The AISNSW Guide to School Attendance Requirements and Attendance Improvement Planning is specifically designed to:

  • assist member schools to understand the regulatory requirements for student attendance and the responsibilities of the school
  • provide guidance to member schools about identifying and responding to the attendance concerns of individual students enrolled at the school
  • provide sample proformas for schools to use and adapt to assist with attendance improvement planning.

Attendance Improvement Planning Fact Sheet and Proformas:

Student Attendance Improvement Planning Fact Sheet and Plan

The fact sheet provides an overview of the attendance improvement planning process. An Attendance Improvement Plan is the documented outcome of the planning process. It broadly identified the specific barriers prohibiting the student from attending school and strategies to address those issues.

Fact Sheet

Attendance Improvement Planning Proforma

Graduated Attendance Improvement Plan

This may be used as an alternative attendance plan for the student to refer to. This plan details the student’s timetable and documents the agreed attendance arrangements.

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Return to School Rubric

This may be used an another option of an attendance plan for the student to refer to. The rubric focuses on particular areas of concern that are impacting on the student’s attendance at school and can be tailored to their needs.

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Further Information and Support from AISNSW

The AISNSW Student Services team can provide advice in relation to planning considerations for supporting student attendance matters. Please contact a Student Services consultant on (02) 9299 2845.

The AISNSW Regulations and Programs team can provide further advice about the attendance requirements and regulatory matters covered by this document. Please contact a consultant from the AISNSW Regulations and Programs team for further information on (02) 9299 2845 or email Guidance for schools about the Minister’s attendance codes and exemption from attendance or enrolment is also available in the AISNSW Resource Centre.

The AISNSW Child Protection team can provide advice regarding student safety concerns including mandatory reporting requirements. Please contact a Child Protection Advisor/Investigator on (02) 9299 2845.