Positive Practices for Classroom Management

Classroom management skills are important and necessary. Effective teaching is apparent where teachers are focused on building positive relationships, acknowledging and supporting students, providing and getting feedback, and supporting those students who need assistance. Most teachers do this well, most of the time, but despite this disruptions and problem behaviour still occur in the classroom.

 The skills of classroom management require specific practices that allow you to create and maintain a positive, organised and productive environment that will enhance your capacity to develop and lead an effective classroom.

A range of materials are available including:

  • Classroom practices handbook compilation of evidence-based practices for proactive classroom management.
  • Video snippets describing proactive evidence-based classroom practices and how to respond to behaviour. (Videos are between 7-12 mins in length)
  • Spotlights of each practice providing a summary and self-assessment tool.
  • Resources to assist with implementation within your classroom.


Classroom Environment

Encouraging Expected Behaviour

Responding to Behaviour

Classroom Expectations

Active Supervision

Procedures and Routines

Opportunities to Respond


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